An Apple to the Head

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I was at an outdoor barbecue party in the Summer of 1993. I was sitting on a chair outside, most likely with a beer in hand. I was watching a baby, probably less than a year old, crawling across an empty expanse of bright green grass. The pace of the baby’s crawl picked up and I determined his destination: a red frisbee on the lawn about three feet away from him. As soon as he reached it, he lifted it, stared at it, shook it, and bit it. I contemplated what I had just witnessed: the frisbee was a nugget of information in the vast “noise” of the green lawn. The baby was compelled to cut through that noise and investigate this new information. He ignored the “sameness” of the green grass beneath him as he crawled. And when he reached the frisbee, he used as many senses as possible to understand how this thing fit into his universe. This event led me to start considering information vectors, their related concepts and how the mind works…

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