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Hi. First, a quick note about myself and why I want to write this document. I’m fascinated by human intelligence as well as the prospect of teaching a computer to think like a human. My full time job occupies much of my time and really has nothing to do with the study of artificial intelligence, cognitive science, whatever. Most of the remainder of my time is spent with my family including two young future-Makers. In short, I don’t have the time to immerse myself in the daunting academics related to this topic. I do have just enough time to capture my thoughts in a document; at least I hope I do at this point. It is my belief that human intelligence is a mathematically enabled mechanism and a computer can be programmed to think and learn like a human. I hope that maybe somebody much smarter than I am can implement some aspect of the ideas proposed in this document. I believe that there is precedence for my optimism: I distinctly remember Gilligan saying things off the cuff that spawned great inventions from the Professor. Maybe something like that will happen as a result of my efforts. That would be really cool.

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