Simple Thoughts On Intelligence

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These pages contain draft content on thoughts related to computer intelligence. The thoughts deal with the idea that computer intelligence needs to evolve to support the creation, retrieval and application of concepts in order to simulate human intelligence. The series leads to questions regarding the mathematical representation and manipulation of concepts.

An Apple to the Head
The End Game
Meet Billy
Some Fundamental Ideas
Information Vectors
Information Vectors are Encapsulated
Information Vectors Can Be Composite
Information Vectors Are Defined by Scalar Properties
Information Vectors Can Be Compared
A Matter of Taste
Billy’s First Information Vector
More Information Vector Comparison
A Brief Note on Object Oriented Programming
Creation of Concepts
The Thing: It’s Concepting Time…
Billy’s First Concepts
Compression and Concepts
Retrieval of Concepts
Application of Concepts
Concept Mathematics
Information Vector Comparison Revisited
Images and Meaningful Sounds
Goal-Driven Behavior
Building an Intelligent Robot
Related Tools,Technologies and Topics

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