The End Game

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Suppose you are transported from your current location into a room that you have never seen. The room has a table with small children wearing pointed hats sitting around it. One child has a cake in front of him. The cake has four lit candles on it. The rest of the children are finishing a song: “…Happy birthday dear Ethan, happy birthday to you.”
You would deduce that you have been transported to a birthday party for a boy named Ethan, who is turning four.

The content of this document will propose:

  • Your senses accepted inputs that formed information vectors in your mind
  • The processing of these information vectors conjured related concepts
  • The collection and assessment of the concepts led you to deduce that this was a birthday party for Ethan, who is turning four
  • This concept evaluation was a mathematical operation that your brain performed
  • This pattern is the basic mechanism of intelligent thought

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